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Holland Support Strap
Holland Support Strap
Our Price: $10.75

Adds strength and stability to your 2010 Holland Cots

Rejuvenate them with the new Holland Cot Support Strap. The Holland Cot is lightweight and easily moved, and as we all know we sometimes have to sacrifice some of the strength we would like in order to have the unit easily portable. Now we can gain back a significant amount of that strength by utilizing the Holland Cot Support Straps. They are easily attached to the side rails, not only supporting a sagging spring surface, but also reducing the spread of the side rails. We recommend two Holland Cot Support Straps per bed.

These straps are designed to fit the #2010 Holland Cot and the #2040 Holland Bunk.
Cross Center Support Strap
Cross Center Support Strap
Our Price: $28.00

The Cross Center Support Straps are use to reinforce the beds link fabric. It not only supports the link fabric but will also contribute to elevating a sagging bed surface. We recommend a minimum of two straps per bed. Cross Center Support Straps are supplied nine coil springs for attaching to the bed frame. The support strap is 23-1/2" long without the springs and about 27" with the nine coil springs attached on the ends.
Memory Stretch Support Strap
Memory Stretch Support Strap
Our Price: $58.75

Memory Stretch Support Straps for Conventional Angle Iron Army-style Beds
Add life to your cots and make them completely sag-free. Bourdon's has developed a support strap that fits a variety of cots with ease. Made of 2" solid rubber webbing, it stretches across the cot's entire width. No helicals to eventually loosen its tension. No holes to wear out. No sharp edges to ruin mattresses or cause injury. Camp tested for a full year. Functions not only as a support fabric, but also as an entire spring fabric. Makes old cots look and feel like new or better.

Sold Per Dozen.