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Army Cot #230
Our Price: $85.75

The #230 Army Cot is a sturdy dependable cot at a budget price suitable for use in camps, dormitories, and institutions. The bed folds flat for minimum storage and easy transportability.

The bed is 30" wide and 77" long and weighs 38 lbs. The ends are made from 1" steel tubing and the spring unit is a double twisted link fabric supported with helical springs attached to a 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" angle frame.
Holland Cot
Our Price: $149.00

The Holland Cot #2010 bed replaces the #10 Holland Cot. The #2010 offers the same reliable spring outfitted with redesigned headboards and footboards. Bed ends are fabricated of 1.25" vertical steel tubing with 1" horizontal support tubes. The bed ends and spring are powder-coated in a black finish. Adapters/connectors are available in a set of four, if you wish to stack the beds and make a bunk. Remember if bunking always utilize the appropriate guard rails.

The Holland bed series is a lightweight versatile bed that is ideally suited for the summer camp industry. It is easy to assemble and easy to move.

  • No tools needed
  • No maintenance
  • No links or helicals
  • No folding parts
  • No noise or squeaking
  • No sharp edges
  • No plastic adapters/connectors

Basics Single
Our Price: $161.50

The Basic series is available in both single and non-demountable bunk
beds in three different sizes, 30", 36", & 39".  The bed are
fabricated of 1-1/2" 11-gauge steel angle rail and a 9-gauge no-sag wire
spring "Z" hooked and attached to the frame.  Each leg is provided with
a steel disk that helps to reduce rug and floor wear.  The bed is
finished with an air-dry enamel paint.
Euro Army Cot
Our Price: $181.00

The Euro spring has always been known for its comfort. Now we offer the same great surface in an army cot design. The bed has tubular legs that easily fold for storage and has been specifically designed so that it cannot be converted into a bunk bed.

Room-Mate Single
Our Price: $188.50

Room Mate Dormitory Bed models #870, #871 and #872

The handsome and rugged Room Mate Bed frame is constructed utilizing a 2" x 1-1/2" angle iron that is notched, bent and butt welded resulting in rounded corners. The recessed frame helps keep the mattress in place. The mattress is supported by No-Sag sinuous action arch springs that are connected with 16 coil helical springs. We have added two 1" tubular spreader bars for additional support.

The leg assembly consists of an "H" style 18-gauge square tubing that is easily bolted in place with hardware provided. The legs are finished with heavy-duty ABS (nylon) floor glides.

The standard bed finish is Powdered Coated in black. We also offer brown, gray and sand upon request.

An optional 36" wide wood grain headboard is also available. One size fits both 39" and 36" beds.

Bourdons maintains a limited number of beds in inventory. If the bed or the quantity of beds you are interested in are not in stock please allow a four- to six-week production lead time.

Featuring Action Arc Springs

This rugged dorm bed is designed to take the roughest treatment and remain attractive through many years of use. The optional wood grain headboard will add warmth to any institutional setting. Easily assembled, sturdy and surprisingly inexpensive, this handsome dormitory bed will more than meet your single bed needs.


  • Overall height: 11-3⁄4"
  • Overall width: 36-3⁄8" and 39-3⁄8"
  • Overall length: 77" and 82"
  • Spring height: 11-3⁄4"
  • Sturdy steel angle frame, 2"x1-1⁄2" by 11 gauge with heavy duty Action Arc Springs, 2 tubular center braces 1-1⁄4 by 18 gauge tubular legs

Claremont Series Single
Our Price: $200.75

Bourdon's is proud to offer its customers the Claremont Series Bed.  We
have incorporated a variety of features to make assembly easier, safer,
and provide you with an assortment of spring placements.The bed ends are
constructed of 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" 15-gauge steel vertical up rights with
three 3/4" x 1-1/2" cross support bars.The up-right posts have been
routed out and equipped with recessed hook pins.The bed spring hook
plates have been configured with three inch center to center hooks and
hook to the bed end internally in the upright post. There is a through
hole on the upper most height to facilitate the insertion of a 1/4"
carriage bolt (not supplied) to act as a safety lock when stacked in the
top bunk position. Specially designed high impact plastic inserts are
installed in the bedpost to act as both floor glides and to allow for
stacking, to create bunk beds without the need of additional stacking
parts or tools.The Claremont Series bed offers you three height
positions to locate your spring.
Dorm-Master Single
Our Price: $202.25

The Dorm-Master single utilizes round tubing in its fabrication. Bed ends are fabricated of 1.25" vertical steel tubing with 1" horizontal support tubes. The bed ends and springs are powder-coated in a black finish. The Dorm-Master bed series is a versatile bed that is ideally suited for the summer camp industry, dormitories, and shelters. It is easy to assemble and easy to move.

  • Powder-Coated Finish in Black
  • Width of Sleeping Surface is 30"
  • Length of Sleeping Surface is 74"
  • Overall Length of the Bed is 77.25"
  • 1-1/4" Vertical and 1" Horizontal 16 Gauge Steel Tubing
  • Sag-Free Memory Mesh Euro Spiral Springs
  • Two Tubular Stretcher Bars Welded to the Side Rails for Maximum Strength
Stackmaster Single
Our Price: $204.75

Stackmaster Single #900 and #901

Ideal for dormitories as bunk beds or as singles.

The 900 Series is ideal for dormitories or any place where strong metal beds with low maintenance requirements are needed. Each sleep surface is equipped with ten-inch high 20-gauge sheet metal panels. The spring surface is constructed of 2' x 1-1/2" x 5/16" rail angle steel equipped with N-Sag sinuous action arch wire connected with 16 coil helicals. The beds are assembled quickly utilizing the wedge lock brackets, no tools are required. The bed ends are supplied with heavy duty adjustble floor glides. The entire assembly finish is powder coated in brown.

Superior service and appearance are assured, year after year.


  • Superior service and appearance are assured, year after year.
  • Panels constructed of 20-gauge cold rolled furniture steel
  • Converts easily to single beds
  • Double-throated hooks lock in action arc springs to ensure stability
  • Available in 76" and 80" lengths
  • Dark brown color. Black finish is available by special order

Universal Single
Our Price: $229.25

For years institutional housing managers have lamented about the lack of quality of steel bedding. Now Bourdon's brings back that quality, in a rugged, affordable demountable bunk bed. We are proud to introduce you to the Universal Bunk, a product made in the United States.The Universal Single is available in both the 76" and 80" long sleeping surface.


  • Head board section is: 37-1/4"w x 38"h
  • Foot board section is: 37-1/4"w x 24"h
  • Construction: 1-1/4"x16 gauge (.065) square steel tubular post and two 1"x1"x16 gauge square tube stretchers.

Bunk Bed Spring Frame with Action Arc:

Constructed of 1-1/2" x 16-gauge square tubing for the bed ends and 2" x 1" rectangular 14 gauge (.083 wall thickness) steel tubing for the sides. The frame is strengthened with two cross braces of 1" square steel tubing (14 gauge.) Two specially designed hook plates of 5/32" thickness are robotically MIG welded to each section. These allow for the optional insertion of a 1/4" bolt which positively locks the spring frame to stud brackets.

After each component is processed to exacting tolerances, which includes cutting and perforating, they are accurately aligned and finished welded using state-of-the-art robotics to ensure total unitized frame integrity every time. This unique all-tubular design greatly enhances overall strength and safety, creating a new, unmatched level of excellence.

Fabric: The spring surface is made up of 15 rows of 9-gauge sinuous spring wire with "Z" hooks on each end. There are five rows of 12-gauge connecting links between each row of sinuous spring for a total of seventy links. There are five 12-gauge helical springs, with 16 turns and a 3/4" diameter, on each spring frame. All spring components are inserted inside the tubular frame, leaving it both tamper-proof and free of sharp edges.

  • All components are washed and phosphatized in five stages.
  • Coated with electrostatically applied polyester dry powder and baked at 400 degrees. This results in a very deep brown finish.
  • No tools required.
  • Optional guard rails.
  • No loose parts to store.
  • Made in the USA.

Premier University Single
Our Price: $311.75

The Premier University Bed with Euro Spiral Springs has been designed to accommodate a variety of configurations. The bed ends are all the same height and are equipped with a flush track that allows a hook and pin spring to be placed in seven different positions. The Premier University Bed is powder coated in an attractive and durable neutral gun stock gray that will lend itself to any decor.

The Premier University Bed with Euro Spiral Springs is supplied with Bourdons Euro spring. The spring offers a continuous surface to support your mattress, no sharp edges or side clips to catch the mattress or tear the sheets.

Each head and foot board is equipped with permanently attached 1" diameter steel stacking pins on the top and receiving slots on the base. No loose adapters to contend with. Each bed end is supplied with glides to protect your flooring. Beds ends can be used as a ladder to access top sleeping surface. Beds are easily stacked and can be converted into lofts with the use of a spreader bar.

The Premier University Bed with Euro Spiral Springs has been engineered to provide you with years on maintenance free use.


  • Finish: Powdered coated in Gunstock Gray
  • Width of sleeping surface: 36"
  • Recommended mattress length: 80"
  • Overall length of bed 84.5"
  • Minimum spring Height from floor: 12"
  • Bed Ends: 1 7/8" square stock with flush adjustable tracks
  • Weight: Single bed 103 pounds

    Two beds ends 60 pounds

    One bed spring 43 pounds

Beds are in full compliance with all federal regulations.